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We build the way, nature intended

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Beautiful homes with a conscience

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Excellent proficiency in an environment with limited resources

Work Process

Design starts here. Before breaking out the sketch pad, architects need to figure out what the client needs, research the site, identify possible uses, and depending on the project type, solicit community input. In fact, much of architecture focuses on the analysis, planning, and stewardship of the land before any design begins.


Creating strong, provocative and contagious ideas.


It's brainstorming, sketching, or otherwise imagining what will make the site special. Will a park include an amphitheater or an athletic field? Should the space use a green roof, water system, or solar panels? Architects use initial drawings or 3-D models to propose the big ideas. If it's a large public project, there may be more opportunity for public feedback.


Always, Always have a plan.


Everyone loves the big idea, but now it's down to designing specifically how that idea will work. It's the exact details of how it will look. Not only that, but many projects require a series of drawing as part of a whole master plan or site plan. From there a new set of drawings will cover the exact details of where each individual plant, stone, fountain, or bench should go.


Excellence in action.


An architect's job doesn't end with the final plan. The designers routinely visit the site, meet with the client, and work with the construction team to ensure all goes smoothly. After completion, architects evaluate the success of the project and, depending on the client, continue to oversee management of the site post-construction.

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Where to find us

C-6, Netaji Subhash Enclave, Gadakna Bhubaneswar, Odisha(India)

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